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Syphilis Testing & Information

Syphilis is one of the most typical venereal diseases in Miami. Our standard screening kit includes a syphilis test and is available at any one of our test centers country wide. Syphilis infections are treated with a basic round of antibiotics, so don't risk your wellness by waiting to book your STD testing. Regardless of syphilis being so usual, all patients require a screening prior to obtaining prescribed medicine.

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Our syphilis testing procedure is FDA-approved and provides the most accurate screening of syphilis infections by looking for the antibodies your body creates in response to the bacteria. Successful tests are reconfirmed through a Treponemal Pallidum Assay (TPA) test. Results are delivered back to you in 1-2 days.

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Syphilis Testing With STDAware Miami

Syphilis, caused by the spirochete germs treponema pallidum, is a sexually transmitted disease that is frequently found with sexually active people in the US. Syphilis can be transmitted from mother to unborn fetus, so ensure you keep your body free from the infection at all times throughout a pregnancy. There are 4 phases that the infections goes through when it has gotten to a host: primary, secondary, latent, and also tertiary. The primary phase is characterized by a painless abscess that usually does not itch. This phase often lasts from one week to a month. The second phase includes itching as well as painfulness. This is one of the most typical stage for an individual infected with the STD to head to a clinic and obtain an examination, but it is usually too late for they have spread out the infection to a previous companion before the illness gets to stage 2. Syphilis is primarily checked for with blood tests, so ensure that when you get a Sexually Transmitted Disease test you aren't merely going with a urine sample, since you will be ensured to miss out on a huge amount of antibodies and possible signs that you could be nurturing a disease like syphilis.

Although syphilis spreads around the United States in multitudes, it is the primary sexually transmitted illness or infection located in developing areas. The disease has to be transmitted through sexual touching and not through anything else like sitting on a toilet seat or other methods of transmission.