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The Hepatitis viruses cause an inflammation of the liver and can have serious repercussions on your health and wellness if left untreated. Hepatitis A, B, and C can be spread in a variety of means; with infected food, sexual intercourse and through sharing needles between drug users. Hepatits A, as well as B can be easily contracted while taking a trip in specific parts of the world. Make a consultation today with one our examination labs for Hepatis testing in Miami.

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Our Hepatitis tests are able to detect all three of the hepatitis infections (A,B,C) by looking for antibodies created by the body as a defense against the hepatitis virus. We provide the most advanced and accurate FDA-approved tests on the market and deliver results in 1-2 days.

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Hepatitis Testing With STDAware Miami

Anybody whom is having sex may be at danger of contracting hepatitis. Men that have sex with other men, those utilizing controlled substances, those who have particular conditions that make thickening blood difficult, or any person living with a person with a liver disease infection have a greater threat of contracting hepatitis A. People with these risk factors might take into consideration hepatitis testing.

When you get ill, there is no treatment for hepatitis A, but most people will certainly recuperate by themselves (they might really feel ill for a couple of months). Throughout this period, rest as well as lots of drinking of liquids is suggested, and alcohol need to be abstained from considering that it could also harm your liver. If you think you were exposed to hepatitis A recently, seeing a physician within 14 days is important; they could offer you medicine which may help prevent the illness.