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If left without treatment, chlamydia will have harmful long-term impacts on the reproductive capabilities of both males and women. The disease is relatively basic to cure, so there is no justification for not looking after your sexual health and wellness. Order a test today from STDAware Miami and have peace of mind within two days. Our doctors get on call 24/7 to aid with treatment for positive screening outcomes.

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Our labs test for chlamydia by detecting the presence of the rRNA of the bacteria that causes chlamydia infections, c. trachomatis. We only need a urine sample, tests take a few minutes and results are discretely delivered in 1-2 days. STDAware Miami uses a state of the art FDA approved chlamydia test to provide you the most accurate results in STD testing.

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Chlamydia Testing With STDAware Miami

Chlamydia is one of the most typical venereal diseases that can be caught by both males and also girls alike. It can be treated and healed with ease yet if left untreated it could trigger harmful damage to the human body. One of the main reasons that a Chlamydia infection goes unattended is due to the absence of responsibility in a lot of American sexually active adults when it comes to being strict with getting normal STD screenings. Chlamydia can be spread through every one of the common sexual contact activities: vaginal, anal as well as oral sex. The highest at risk persons are often teens, due to their usual abuse as well as non use of protection as well as other safe sex techniques. You can get the STD chlamydia even if your partner does not climax, due to the fact that the infection only should be in contact with the skin around the genitals to pass through the membranes.

Regrettably for the patients of the illness, a lot of individuals unknowingly give chlamydia to various other lovers because it rarely has evident indications of symptoms. Some people can last up to to 1 year giving the disease away to every sexual companion they come in contact with, without even knowing that they had the STI in the first place. After being recommended clinical therapy from a medical professional, you ought to wait for a minimum of 3 weeks to participate in sexual relations again. Ladies are at high risk for the STD infecting their uterus as well as causing a disease referred to as 'pelvic inflammatory disease', so guarantee that you are following the most effective methods for keeping your sexual health and wellness by obtaining tested every 4 months as well as each time after you copulate somebody without a condom.